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Fair session?! Yes, please!

Y'alllllllll. This session was absolutely A-MAZ-ING. How the heck have we not shot a session at the fair before?!

CAN WE JUST LOOK AT THEM! They were only 10 days from their wedding day when we shot these, and you can literally just feel the connection they have! They are some of the sweetest people we have met and we absolutely loved hanging with them.

Kayliegh and Rob were down for just walking around, grabbing some cotton candy, and playing a few games., and eating popcorn. We rode the merry go round (way harder to shoot on than we originally thought and it goes way faster than any of us remembered :'D), and grabbed some shots by the Ferris wheel.

Seriously such a fun night. Can't wait to schedule some more of these shoots next time the fair is in town!!

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